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Year 1 Month 1 March 2011
#1 March 2011

Cover: Dangerous bandit alerts southern border
Editorial: The wild and weird west world

• The Yaqui want to be a nation
• European Assassins arrived to our peaceful Sabine?
• Another assault on Wells Fargo 

• In the Archive: Academie Imperiale de Musique - Palais Garnier (París)

Year 1 Month 2 April 2011
#2 April 2011

Cover: Retrofuturism
Editorial: In 21st century nobody reads the leading article anymore

The Interview
• Steampunk México Forum: Trapped in an Uchronia (Part 1); El Investigador

• The Mercenarios de DIOS we are here to stay; N. Inmunsapá
• Do you like Science Fiction?; Elisa

• Martyn Jacques and The Tiger Lillies come to Sabine with their Freakshow; Bandido Perales

• In The Archive: L'Obeissante; Von Marmalade/Araceli Rodríguez

#3 October 2012 - Revised Version
Cover: 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
Editorial: Reward

A note for the anglo world
The Interview
Vernian Process

Jules Verne in Mexico; N. Inmunsapá
• Victorianism without Victoria;Hodson Hawk
• Alternate History: Stampede Saves Him!; N. Inmunsapá
• Reward; N. Inmunsapá
• Kinetoscopio: The Great Race; J. Keats
• Micro-Scope: Jules Verne; Mr. Xpk
• Le Petit Trianon: Machinarium; Meyrilu Wendorf
• División Lúdica: Verne: Son of the Moon
• Retrofuturismo: Retrofuturism and the Creative Arts; N. Inmunsapá
• En El Archivo: The Race for the roses; Araceli Rodríguez

#19 September 2012

Cover: Pachucos

Editorial: ¡¡¡Pásesela suave, ese!!!

• Pachuco Style; Denisse Contreras "Kadeco"
• Tin Tan: The Pachuco of Gold; Mr. Xpk
• Zoot Suit & Pop Culture; Mr. Xpk

• Starlite Cinema: Zoot Suit; Buro Welle
• Expedientes H: El Patio; Detective Robber LeBlancS
• División Lúdica: Grim Fandango; Irrsinn...GT: AEGIS216
• From Hell: The niño Fidencio, Healer fromEspinazo; Profesro Lecumberri
• El Gramófono: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy; Djinn
• Hodson Hawk: Mexico in the World War Two; Hodson
• Starlite Cinema: Greaser's Palace; Mr. Xpk
• Painter: Ernesto García Cabral; Mr. Xpk
• In The Archive: XEW and the beginning of radio in Mexico; Von Marmalade/Araceli Rodríguez

#35 February 2014

Cover: Steampunk Hands Around The World

Dates with Planned Activities 2014

• Steampunk Hands Around The World; Kevin D. Steil
• Anja Bagus, Author. Germany.
• Archane Armoury and The Navigatrix
• French Steampunk
• Balogun Ojetade
• BB Blackdog
• Judith & Christian Vogt
• Decimononic
• Diana M. Pho
• Karina Cooper
• Khaalidah: An Unproductive Woman
• Lee Ann Farruga
• Lisa Walker
• Madeline Holly Rosing
• Some Toughts on Steampunk Hands Around The World; Marcus R. Gilman
• Michael Coorlim
• Josué Ramos
• Petra Slováková
• Kunturi
• Poison Garden
• Lady Smoke
• Ray Dean
• NeoNauta Ediciones: The Rocket to your Imagination
• Suna Dasi
• Steam Rocket
• Thomas &Nimve Brown
• Cabaret de Medianoche
• Victor Sierra
• Mr. Xpk

• El Fonógrafo: Lies of the Machine
• A Bordo del Condottieri: Mercenarios De Dios

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